Bomber Eggs has 9 unique levels with catchy and fresh feelings. In each level you will discover a surprise game play which you would need to replay to know the use of the special features. Every level has a unique landscape and music. This is a challenge for your finders to avoid the bombs as soon as you see them and catch the eggs in game play. This will train your mind and bring you fun for avoiding cute bombs. Have fun and don't forget to like me on Facebook.

About Bomber Eggs


Bombes Types

-Snow bombs


-Smoke bombs


-Freeze bombs


-Flaming bombs


-Black bombs


-Bouncy bombs


9 uniques levels for free

-Green Land






-Bouncy bubble

-The Big Boss

Hidden Secrets

We have uniques game play in each level, you have to discover it by yourself.

Download it, it's completely free

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